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Fancy a breath of fresh air in the world of digital transformation? At avega, we're not just code cracks and agilists, we're real passionados! We want to get things moving, take you further, make a difference and sometimes even get you out of your comfort zone. Always at eye level and with people at the centre. Digital transformation, agile topics, product management, technical excellence - we are passionate about what we do.

Your digital future starts here - with avega by your side

  • What do we do: We enable your digital future - we activate your digital potential and move into the future together. Let's master your challenges and celebrate successes together. At avega, the focus is on people - and you can feel that! 

  • How do we do that: We are empathetic, transparent, authentic, passionate and curious. This is not only our credo, but the basis for everything we do. We attach great importance to clear, direct and honest communication in a world full of blah blah blah.

  • What drives us: Our drive is to create impact and movement in organizations, teams and companies. We do this by empowering people with the right agile methods and striving for technological excellence.

We are


  • We understand your needs and challenges. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we put our hearts and minds into it.


  • There are no secrets with us. Open communication and honest feedback are a matter of course for us. We believe that transparency creates trust.


  • We are who we are. No frills, no facade. With us, you get real people with real solutions.


  • Our work is our passion. We are passionate about IT and innovative solutions that really help.


  • We are always on the lookout for new ways and ideas. Our curiosity drives us to constantly improve and develop.

Do you want to experience us?

We rely on personal contact and partnership-based cooperation. Because this is the only way we can be successful together. With us, you are not just a customer, but a counterpart. Together we master every challenge - directly, clearly and at eye level.

Visit us and get to know us - we also have good coffee.

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