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Software is made by people with people for people. Acquire the basic tools of the trade to moderate groups in workshops in a target-oriented way, to conduct meetings more effectively and to be more successful in general communication with colleagues, experts or users.

You will get to know new ways of moderating and new techniques that will support you in making decisions in workshops, make meetings, retrospectives, requirements workshops, sprint reviews etc. visible and comprehensible. Learn how you can generate insights in group conversations through simultaneous visualization and how you can also save the work results in a way that they can be used by all participants. In the future, you will be able to moderate more efficiently, effectively and lively, no matter which role you currently represent.

Our focus is on helping you to internalize different methods and techniques, without having to lose sight of your personal style.

You will learn the most important theoretical basics in a well-dosed way. In the numerous practical exercises, every participant has the opportunity to try out and internalize the presented techniques. Participants will work in the group in a protected atmosphere to learn about hidden mechanisms of communication such as misunderstandings, objections, unstructured flood of information, etc. and steer the conversation in a constructive direction. You will receive valuable feedback and new ideas for the further development of your soft skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Explanation models for the recognition of communication misunderstandings
  • Techniques for successfully leading individual and group discussions (e.g. active listening, feedback, questioning techniques)
  • Basics for simultaneous visualization
  • Basics for the target-oriented preparation of conversations and the holding of individual and group conversations
  • moderation techniques
  • Practical practice of typical conversation situations in the IT environment (e.g. moderated interviews, retrospectives, feedback discussions, etc.)
  • Moderation of conversations
  • Dealing with difficult conversational situations


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The training is carried out by trainers from oose. They work as coaches and mediators in projects and as authors.

Tina Busch

Dates & Price

3 days

1680 Euro

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Language: German

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