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03. Jul 2024

freshtrade - a sustainable UX project

How UX design can also contribute to a sustainable environment.

In today's world, sustainability and the sustainable use of our resources are becoming increasingly relevant. Freshtrade (https://www.freshtrade.ch/) is a Swiss company with the vision "Every product is utilized".

Freshtrade is a B2B food chain platform that offers a centralized solution for farmers and their customers. From cultivation planning to trade and logistics, most of the value chain can be handled.

avega was commissioned to redesign the existing platform. The test phase yielded various new findings and, based on these, avega created a comprehensive prototype with improved usability. It was also a major concern to bring the platform closer to Freshtrade's corporate design and make it more attractive for users.

The interactive prototype was tested and validated with existing and potential new customers and then refined and improved accordingly.

We were delighted to be part of this project and to have made a contribution to a more sustainable approach to food - at least indirectly. Sustainability is an important factor at avega, in various forms.

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