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03. Jun 2024

Positioning avega

We have been working with avega for seven years now. Our mandates and ongoing inquiries suggest that we have achieved a reasonably clear and appropriate positioning. So far so good - right?

We are pleased with our success, but we do not take it for granted. Our added value for our customers only exists in the long term if we continue to meet their needs in the future and have the relevant skills. That is why we do not rest on our laurels, but work continuously on our further development.

We are active in various sectors in both the private and public sectors and are actively involved in the IT community. This enables us to perceive market trends and changes. On this basis, we have decided to sharpen and update our positioning in order to focus on topics that are relevant to our current and future customers in the coming years. In several workshops, supported by Daniela Spahr, Tess - B2B Marketing & Sales Consulting, we tackled this task and would like to give you an insight into the results in this blog post.

The following topics emerged from various active (and sometimes slightly heated) discussions and form the core of our positioning.

  • Digitalization: Digitalization has now arrived in almost all companies. It is about achieving business-relevant added value, be it through cost savings, increasing sales or strengthening the market position. However, many companies find it difficult to precisely define and address the digital potential without making disproportionate investments.

    Product Management: Customer centricity is increasingly in focus for companies and good customer centricity is becoming more and more imperative. We see product management as an important tool for precisely addressing customer needs and delivering real added value. This is not only relevant for product manufacturers, but for all companies that offer services to their customers. The skills of good product management are therefore relevant for everyone.

    Technical excellence: Digital services require a high level of technical maturity with high resilience and availability. Otherwise, reputation can be severely jeopardized. We summarize all technical topics under the term "technical excellence".

  • Agility: Agility will continue to occupy many companies in the coming years. There is a growing understanding that agility is not the goal, but a means to achieve goals such as digitalization. Agility will therefore become more and more a matter of course and less of a priority, while the organizational orientation of agile companies will receive more attention.

    Leadership & culture: All the issues surrounding digitalization require many companies to rethink their leadership and adapt their culture. Now that many have geared their working methods towards agility, it is essential that these two topics have a major impact and are explicitly addressed.

In addition to the thematic discussion, our aim was to present our positioning more strongly from the customer's perspective and to move our service structure with Coaching & Consulting, Academy and Solution Atelier into the background. We would like to present two elements in this blog: the slightly adapted avega claim and the structuring of the customer needs that we want to address.

avega Claim

I am excited to see how the new positioning is understood by our customers and look forward to hearing your opinion. Feedback is always welcome.

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