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06. Jun 2024

UX right from the start

As a UX designer at avega, I am involved in various projects and it often happens that I join the team implementing a solution too late.

Compared to building a house, the shell of the house is often already in place when the UX designers arrive on site. The expectations of us UX designers are often also clear. We, the UX designers, are supposed to make sure that the future residents find the front door, feel comfortable and that everything is beautifully color-coordinated. Yes, we can do that. We are the visual designers among the UX designers. But if the color-coordinated entrance door cannot be found in the first place, the frustration of the residents or users is pre-programmed. As soon as the entrance is found, we stand in front of the next door and we don't know whether there is a room behind it or the stairs to the upper floor. Or the stairs to the basement?

If we, the UX designers, want to move the entrance door to make everyday life easier for the future residents, it costs too much or there should simply be no more discussion. At most, we can adjust the color of the door.

UX designers are not just the painters and interior decorators who give a solution a nice coat of paint and ensure that the right furniture is in the right place. We are also the concept developers who help shape solutions from the ground up. See also blog post https://www.avega.ch/en/blog/die-7-rollen-des-ux-designers

UX designers strive to build solutions that best meet the needs of future users (human-centered design). To do this, we need to be involved from day 1 of a project. We want to talk to the future users and understand how they work and what their needs are (user research). This is the only way to ensure that a solution meets the needs of the users and is accepted and enjoyed by them.

Please get us UX designers on board as early as possible. Preferably as soon as it has been decided that a new solution is to be created or expanded. That way, we can exert influence by taking a user-centered approach to the design of the solution, developing concepts, information architecture and interaction concepts and aligning the development of features with future users right from the start.

Those whose opinion counts from my point of view will thank you. It is the users who will later work with a solution.

Haven't I convinced you yet? Let's talk (andy.ackermann@avega.ch) about how UX designers are involved in projects right from the start in our Solution Atelier and why this works for us time and time again.

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