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Do you want to successfully master the digital, agile transformation? Be one step ahead of the competition? Together, we will activate your digital potential and support you in positioning your company strategically and sustainably in the digital world.

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Digital transformation for companies

A more dynamic environment, intense competition and higher demands from your customers - does this sound familiar? The logical consequence from our point of view is digital and agile transformation. It's really challenging to maintain an overview of ongoing projects, buzzword training and everyday problems while at the same time implementing a change that really packs a punch. Where do you start, you ask? Creating an overview - usually helps - with our Transformation Circle.

Digital Transformation Circle

Support with the digital transformation

At avega IT AG, we understand that every organization is unique and that there are individual needs and challenges in the digital transformation. That's why we offer tailor-made support and long-term guidance on the path to an agile and learning organization. With our diverse team, we cover all topics from the Transformation Circle - cool, right? Find out what this could look like for you:

  • Strategy & Purpose: Digitization Strategy

  • Organization, structure & processes: Agile Organization

  • Technology: Technical Excellence

  • Methods & practices: Agile Methods

  • Skills & competencies: Academy

  • Leadership: Agile Leadership

  • Culture, values & mindset: Agile Coaching

Felix Bucher

Agile Consultant

You want to stay on top of the transformation jungle.

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