Agile Transformation

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Your Challenge

Your business relies on software? Software defines your unique selling point or forms a mayor part of it? You would like to be able to stay ahead of the market by being able to prioritise quickly and timely without loosing quality and budget out of sight? With our experience, we’ll help to make your organisation more agile and introduce agile practices at all levels.

Our Offering


Assessing the current state, maturity and potential of agility in the organisation. This leads to the identification of areas of actions in the topics
  • Organisation
  • Projects
  • Technology
  • Humans and Culture

Vision and Roadmap

Elaborating the vision, mission and roadmap in workshops with the management team. Identify projects and units to start to achieve first success stories, select a methodology (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, DevOps, ...) matching the organisation.

Coaching and Training

Coaching management and teams. Delivering an overview of theory, best practices and principles around lean and agile in workshops with management and teams, build up know-how with trainings (for example Scaled Agile Framework SAFe)

Achieving First Success and Operationalization

Right after, first actions including a proof-of-concept or pilot project are implemented. This allows to have a first success story to show and collect first experiences. What works in small can be scaled and grow in the organisation. Out of experience, this helps a lot towards the acceptance of the transformation efforts.

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