Enabling Team

Enabling Team

Creative Workshop

Your offer no longer covers your customer's needs? You are looking to improve an existing or to realize a new product? The moderated Creative Workshop helps to develop new ideas in a structured way and to prioritize them accordingly.

Design Sprint

Are you facing a crucial issue in your product development? A Design Sprint moderated and accompanied by our experts provides you with validated answers in five steps and reduces risks before investing in product development.

Enabling Team

The Enabling Team with specialists from the areas of user experience, software development and methodology realizes your product idea in short iterations and continuously validates it on the market. You define the desired range of functions and the depth of integration into your system landscape. We support and accompany you from the idea through the implementation to marketability.

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

Are you facing challenges in your product and service development? We support you through our experienced Coaches in different aspects, always with a holistic approach. We support and accompany introduction and successful application of agile methods and frameworks, the use of new technologies or help with organizational aspects such as sourcing or introducing DevOps.


Do you lack a central role in your company? For a defined period we take over necessary roles and tasks with the aim of transferring know-how and competence to the customer in the long term.


avega Speedcoaching - our free support offer for open questions and stuck situations or as general inspiration to a specific topic.


Optimization or improvement requires knowledge. Whether as the driver of agile transformation, technology specialist or as a member of an agile team: knowledge is an important basis for the best possible cooperation, personal development and leadership. The trainings of the avega academy impart this knowledge and have a modular structure: Participants can start at the appropriate course level depending on previous knowledge and existing experience.

Kanban Advanced (KMP Foundation I)

The training enables the participants to understand and implement Kanban in their own context. It is aimed at project managers, process managers, leaders and team members who work with Kanban, or want to use their existing Kanban system more efficiently.

Kanban Professional (KMP II)

The training provides practical insights into the extensive Kanban toolbox and enables participants to apply these tools towards continuous improvement in their own company. It is suitable for change agents, coaches and managers who want to advance their department or an entire company.

Change Management with Kanban

The training will enable you to understand and name the advantages of Kanban. It is tailored towards anyone wanting to learn the basics of Kanban, pursuing the goal of adding more transparency to their work and looking to improve teamwork.

Leading SAFe (Certified SAFe Agilist)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) offers a holistic approach towards scaling agility in complex product development. This course is intended for leaders and team members who want to optimize the entire value chain of their company through an agile approach.

Agile Basics

The course teaches the many facets of agility. It shows that Agile Methods are only one component of agility. It is suitable for executives, team members, HR professionals, project managers and all other who look towards getting more agile in their daily work or want to make their company agile.

Communication & Moderation Techniques in IT

Software is made by people with people for people. Acquire the basic tools of the trade to moderate groups in workshops in a target-oriented way, to conduct meetings more effectively and to be more successful in general communication with colleagues, experts or users.

Scrum Basics

The course teaches the basics of the Scrum Framework. After this training the participants will understand the Scrum process and know the purpose of roles, artifacts and events. The training is aimed at all those who want to learn more about the Scrum Framework.

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum from the core idea to the detail: In this course you experience the way from the product idea to the delivery. Through practical simulations you will experience the work in a Scrum team up close, and discover important insights right in the classroom. This makes it easier to use Scrum in practice.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

An agile team is focused on delivering results towards a target. But without product-oriented leadership the delivered value will not be optimal. Product owners define both the vision as well as the regular targets of a Scrum team. The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a deep immersion into agile planning, estimation and leadership. Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner and master agile product development!

Focus Topics


We enable the optimization of development, delivery and operation of your software by supporting your transition to a DevOps culture. To achieve success, we take a holistic approach and address organisation and culture as well as projects, processes, automation and architecture.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

You’re looking to prioritize and work in an agile way across multiple teams or the whole organisation using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)? We support you with consulting and training based on our experience and the framework, which structures alignment, collaboration and execution for multiple agile Teams. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Agile Transformation

Your business relies on software? Software defines your unique selling point or forms a mayor part of it? You would like to be able to stay ahead of the market by being able to prioritise quickly and timely without loosing quality and budget out of sight? With our experience, we’ll help to make your organisation more agile and introduce agile practices at all levels.

Architektur im agilen Umfeld

Wie lässt sich Software-Architektur in agile Teams und in eine agile Organisation integrieren? Big Upfront Design vs. Chaos - gibt es einen Mittelweg?

Our Passion

The term "avega" originates from Sanskrit, one of the meanings being "passion" – the great motivation for our daily work.Since many years our passion is software development including all its aspects like organisation, project leadership and technology.

Our Vision

"Enabling Your Digital Future" - we enable our customers to deliver their software faster and more effective, thus enabling them to achieve increased market success.

Our Values

  • empathetic
  • transparent
  • passionate
  • curious
  • authentic
We for our customers!


These are your Enablers - and how they introduce each other:

Daniel Aeschbacher

Partner, CEO

Dänu is the driving force at avega. Our customers and avega benefit equally from his experience and passion.

Rico Blumenthal

Senior Consultant

The pivotal point of all agile methods and techniques is and remains the human being. Rico knows how to activate the human success factor in every environment.

André Boschung

Senior Consultant

André has a lot of experience with agility in scaled organizations, project management, enterprise architecture and engineering, and loves using this background to enable our customers with realizing the benefits of an agile transformation.

Daniel Diehm

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel prefers to focus his software engineering power where it generates the most value - where the user interface meets the customer and user. He also likes to tackle methodology and UX.

Michelle Forni

Senior Consultant

Honest, direct and authentic. Convinced of the values, principles and tools of agility. In addition, she is the driving force behind the avega Academy.

Matthias Fritschi

Partner, CTO, Senior IT Architect

His passion is the design and delivery of sound technical solutions. Besides modern architecture and engineering, his focus is also on methodology and the generated business value.

Gabriela Gomez de la Torre

UX and Design Expert

Expert in user experience and graphics with broad experience in design, UX and agile methodology.

Daniel Kühni

Senior Consultant

Dani understands connecting business and IT in an effective and pragmatic way. He supports the teams and their environment in realizing their potential.

Patricia Moresi

Office Assistant

After nearly two decades on a tanker, Patricia switched to the speedboat avega. She keeps the threads together in the background and supports us all with great commitment so that we can deliver the best quality to our partners / customers.

Monica Aeschbacher

Office Assistant

As part of the back office team, Monica helps to provide our clients with well organized events/trainings, and to ensure that our office is efficiently organized.

Paul Neuhaus

Partner, Senior Consultant

Paul's broad and long-standing experience is hugely valuable to both avega and our customers. In addition, Paul as a person is an asset to any team and appreciated by all.

Andy Ackermann

UX Designer

UX designer with extensive experience in UX, software engineering, business analysis and requirements engineering.

Bruno Müller

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer with a lot of experience in frontend, backend and complex projects.

Peter Schmid (starting April 1st, 2020)

Coach, Trainer

Many years of experience in training and implementing Scrum as well as in coaching organizations, teams and individuals


Enabling Your Digital Future - following this vision, we had the privilege to consult and support our customers, including

Agile Coaching, DevOps Transformation
DevOps & Test-Automation
Agile Release-Management with SAFe
Agile Transformation & Enabling DevOps
Project Lead
IT Architecture, Infrastructure-as-Code, SAFE Training, Sourcing Strategy, Coaching, ...


We're a Startup in Berne, passionately supporting companies with their Software Engineering, Agile Transformation and Digitalization efforts. Our ambition is to provide a lot of added value, bring our customers forward and make them ready for the digital future. To achieve that, we strive to continuously develop, adapt and optimize. We're looking for someone who is motivated to live and shape our values. Sounds like you? We're looking forward to get to know you!

Senior Software Engineer / Architect (m/w)

You plan and realize software using modern technologies in short cycles together with our team and our customers

Agile Consultant (m/w)

You're an enabler for our customer's agile transformation and for topics concerning software engineering methodology

DevOps Automation Engineer (m/w)

You support our customers in automating their software delivery value stream (infrastructure, testing, deployment, ...).

Test Automation Engineer (m/w)

You support our customers in test automation and advise them on test strategies

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